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TAMods v0.7 Available Now

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A new major version of TAMods, version 0.7, has now been released and is available via the TribesLauncher application.

Read on for a list of major changes, read on!


Weapon Model Customisation

Do you miss the SAP20? Well, it's back - or its weapon model is, at least! You can now swap the first person weapon model of any weapon out for that of any other - including models of the weapons removed in the Out of the Blue update. This can be done via the external configuration tool, the Ubermenu or via the setWeaponModel Lua function.

Note that this system isn't quite perfect yet. First, updating model swaps while the game is running often does not work correctly, requiring a relaunch to apply. Second, some weapon animations do not transition correctly, causing the model to be held or animated wrong; this is most noticeable when swapping weapons with others of very different kinds (e.g. a sniper rifle for a pistol). Finally, there are very rare crashes associated with the weapon swapping subsystem, generally occurring when the game ends.

Stats Recording

TAMods can now record game statistics and give you a summary at the end of a match. With the recordStats option enabled, you will now see a printout of your player statistics for the match, including everything from your fastest grab speed to that all important K/D ratio.

The recordTeamStats option will also print out information about the whole game - the map, who won, and the names of the players on each time.

Both kinds of statistics can also optionally be logged out to a file (in your T:A config directory) by enabling the saveStats and saveTeamStats options.

New HUDModules

The following HUDModules have been added and are now available in the Ubermenu HUD Maker:

  • dodgeKillFeed
  • dodgeScoreboard
  • dodgeSpeedBar
  • indiIFF Healthbars - alternate healthbars which show the percentage health of players
  • mcootKillNotifications - an alternate way of displaying player kills, more similar to that of other FPS games
  • mcootRabbitScoreboard
  • mcootSpeedbars
  • mcootStats - an extension of the sqStats module which shows information including your current kill streak count
  • mcootVehicleHealthEnergy

Developer Documentation

A major change in this release is the comprehensive reference for the TAMods API on this website, accompanied by short tutorials for writing your first TAMods scripts.

Minor API Improvements

A number of new minor features have been added to the Lua API:

Convenience constants

Constant values / enums used throughout the Lua API have been given named constants accessible under the enums namespace. Enums have been added for the following kinds of values:

  • Team Number
  • Equip Points
  • Reticule Types
  • Chat Channels
  • Input Eventtypes
  • Kill Types
  • Text Alignments

New Functions

The following functions have been added to the API:

  • getHud() - returns a reference to the HUD object, previously accessible only within certain events
  • drawUTTextScaled() - allows the drawing of text in Unreal Tournament fonts with bitmap scaling applied
  • player.isSkiing() - returns whether the player is currently skiing
  • - Get the name of the vehicle the player is in
  • vehicle.seatName() - Get the name of the current seat of the vehicle the player is in
  • vehicle.seatIndex() - Get the index of the seat of the vehicle the player is in
  • vehicle.seatCount() - Get the number of seats in the vehicle the player is in