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TAMods v1.18 Available Now

· 2 min read

For those who regularly play, particularly on the community servers, you may have noticed a couple of TAMods updates recently (versions 1.17 and 1.18).

These (and some accompanying updates to the serverside TAMods and the community login servers) have mostly included fixes /u/Griffon27 has written that should improve the stability of the game when playing with TAMods and playing on custom servers.

Just to give a bit of visibility into what's improved, I'm posting a list of the major changes.


  • Implemented serverside match end / summary screen, making the summary work for players not using clientside TAMods (plus giving you info about other players!) and fixing a common 'crash on map end' issue
  • Fix consistent issue where TAMods would cause the game client to freeze/crash when quitting
  • Fix for client crashes when running server commands on custom servers

This goes along with some fixes made further back that I don't think we ever announced:

  • Fix for server crash when a vehicle is destroyed shortly after its pilot exits the vehicle
  • Fix for crashes when selecting loadouts from numpad in OOTB

It's not exciting new features but hopefully these make the experience of playing with TAMods and on community servers a bit smoother!