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TribesLauncherSharp Available Now

· One min read

This is the initial version of a totally rewritten TAMods Launcher. With any luck this should be substantially more straightforward to use than the existing one (although it may be somewhat less pretty).

Download the new TribesLauncher application.

Why a new launcher?

  • A number of bugs from the old launcher are not present here
  • Interface is more straightforward - one window with all controls, and a YAML config file
  • Direct integration with the Community hosted servers
  • The application is 600KB rather than 100MB
  • Doesn't require installation

Using the new launcher

  1. Hit the 'Update' button to install TAMods (if you are switching from the old launcher, this will redownload TAMods, but will attempt to preserve your configuration)
  2. Check that your Game Path is pointing to the location of TribesAscend.exe on your PC
  3. Select the Login Server you wish to connect to (either the Community login server or HiRez's).
  4. Click Launch to launch the game
  5. Once the game has started, press Inject to inject TAMods.

More configuration options are available, including automatic injection and (if and when any are available), newer 'beta' builds of TAMods.