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Game Balance Overview

One of the most powerful features of TAMods-Server is the Game Balance modification functionality, which allows a server owner to modify the properties and behaviour of in-game items, classes, vehicles and vehicle weapons.

Properties vs ValueMods#

There are two mechanisms by which a particular game object may be modified.

First, their properties may be modified - this modifies the properties of the 'template' from which objects of a given kind are created.

Second, value modifications (or ValueMods) may be applied to them - this hooks into the system the game uses for buffs and perks; ValueMods will typically apply some sort of buff to the player when they have that item or class equipped.

Properties can be modified on items, classes, vehicles and vehicle weapons, but ValueMods can only be modified on items and classes.


See the ValueMods page for a reference on available ValueMods.

See the following pages for references on property modification: