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Game Balance - ValueMods

Value Modifications (or ValueMods) can be applied to items or classes to grant players buffs of various kinds to that item, or just whenever they have that item or class equipped.

Setting Value Mods#

An object can have a list of ValueMods applied to it. Setting the ValueMods for an item/class implies replacing whatever ValueMods were applied to it in the unmodded game. Therefore, if you want to extend the ValueMods applied but keep existing ones, you will have to make use of the provided getter functions to retrieve the original mods before overwriting.

In the below function definitions, T is the type of the value for the ValueMod in that pair, which could be a float, integer, boolean or string depending on the mod.

To set the ValueMods for an item:

Items.setValueMods(class: string, itemName: string, mods: List<(ValueMod, T)>)

To get the ValueMods for an item:

Items.getValueMods(class: string, itemName: string): List<(ValueMod, T)>

ValueMods may also be applied to classes, like the OOTB "Light", "Medium" and "Heavy, or the pre-OOTB classes like "Pathfinder", "Sentinel" or "Brute". To set the ValueMods for a class:

Classes.setValueMods(class: string, mods: List<(ValueMod, T)>)

To get the ValueMods for a class:

Classes.getValueMods(class: string): List<(ValueMod, T)>


In the below example, the Light Assault Rifle is modified such that when equipped, the player will be given the Rage perk. In addition, whenever the player has the Brute armor class, they will have the SuperHeavy perk.

Items.setValueMods("Light", "Light Assault Rifle", {
{ValueMods.Rage, true},
{ValueMods.RageTime, 15},
{ValueMods.RageEnergyRegen, 100},
{ValueMods.RageMassChange, -0.2},
{ValueMods.RageHealthRestoration, 0.5},
Classes.setValueMods("Brute", {
{ValueMods.MassBuff, 0.8},
{ValueMods.SuperHeavy, true},

Available ValueMods#

Below is the list of available value mods. All ValueMods fall under the ValueMods namespace, so for instance you could refernce one with ValueMods.Rage.

Perk Effects#

The ValueMods listed below are those that correspond to particular perks which existed pre-OOTB. Some are listed twice.

A listing of the values of ValueMods for pre-OOTB perks can be found in the tamods-gotylike preset.

Close Combat#

MeleeDamageReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in melee damage taken
BackstabMeleeBufffloat% increaseIncrease in melee damage given when done from behind


DeterminationbooleanIf true, when you die without killing anyone, you get 100 extra health, up to a maximum of 300 bonus health


SelfDamageReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in proportion of self-damage taken
IgnoreGrenadeEffectsOnSelfbooleanIf true, grenade effects (e.g. whiteout, EMP) will not apply to self-damage


MassBufffloat% increaseIncrease in player mass (negative value gives decrease)
RegenTimeBufffloatsecondsDecrease in time to regen (negative value gives increase)


AmmoPickupBufffloat% increaseIncrease in ammo gained from a pickup
BeltPickupBuffintegerammoAbsolute increase in belt ammo gained from a pickup


RepairToolDamagesEnemyObjectivesbooleanIf true, the repair tool damages enemy base assets and disables turrets
RepairRateBufffloat% increaseIncrease in repair rate
VehiclePassengerDamageReductionBufffloat% decreaseDecrease in damage done to passengers of a vehicle you pilot when it explodes


VehicleHealthBufffloat% increasePercentage increase in vehicle health
EjectionSeatbooleanIf true, you eject from vehicles on explosion rather than dying

Potential Energy#

PotentialEnergybooleanIf true, you gain energy when you take damage
PotentialEnergyDamageTransferBufffloat% increaseIncrease in proportion of damage gained as energy
PotentialEnergyOnFallDamagebooleanWhether Potential Energy applies to fall damage

Quick Draw#

QuickDrawfloat% decreaseDecrease in time taken to switch weapons
QuickDrawBeltfloat% decreaseDecrease in time taken to throw a grenade


RagebooleanWhether Rage is enabled
RageTimefloatsecondsHow long Rage lasts
RageEnergyRegenfloatEnergyAmount of energy restored by Rage
RageHealthRestorationfloat% healthProportion of health restored by Rage
RageMassChangefloat% increaseChange in mass while Rage is active


ReachbooleanWhether Reach is enabled
ReachTierinteger'Level' of Reach applied; should be 1, 2 or 3
ReachOnPickupsbooleanWhether Reach also applies to ammo pickups

Safe Fall#

FallDamageReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in proportion of fall damage taken
RunoverDamageReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease to damage caused by being runover by a vehicle

Safety Third#

ExtraBeltAmmointegerammoNumber of additional belt items granted
BeltDamageRadiusBufffloat% increaseIncrease in explosive radius of belt items
ExtraMinesintegerminesNumber of additional mines which you may have out at once

Sonic Punch#

SonicPunchbooleanWhether Sonic Punch is enabled
SonicPunchRangefloatUURange for the Sonic Punch effect
SonicPunchKnockbackfloatMomentumKnockback done by Sonic Punch
SonicPunchFlagDropbooleanWhether Sonic Punch causes enemies to drop the flag


SensorDetectionReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in range at which you are detected by sensors
AcquisitionTimeByEnemyTurretsBufffloat% increaseIncrease in time taken for enemy turrets to target you

Super Capacitor (a.k.a. Ultra Capacitor I)#

EnergyBufffloatEnergyAbsolute increase to player energy pool

Super Heavy#

SuperHeavybooleanWhether enemies are damage by contact with you at high speed
MassBufffloat% increaseIncrease in mass


SurvivalistHealthfloat% healthProportion of health restored by ammo pickups
SurvivalistEnergyfloat% energyProportion of energy restored by ammo pickups

Ultra Capacitor (a.k.a. Ultra Capacitor II)#

EnergyBufffloatEnergyAbsolute increase to player energy pool

Wheel Deal#

VehicleEnergyBufffloat% increasePercentage increase in vehicle energy

Miscellaneous ValueMods#

Below is a listing of all ValueMods not associated with a perk. Some of these are associated with packs, some were associated with weapon upgrades in the past, and others are not used in the unmodded game at all.

NoneValueMod that has no effect
HealthBufffloatHealthAbsolute increase to the player's health pool
HealthRegenTimeBufffloat% decreaseDecrease in time before health regen starts
HealthRegenRateBufffloat% increaseIncrease in rate at which health regenerates
EnergyRegenTimeBufffloat% decreaseDecrease in time before energy regen starts (default is 0, so only negative values will have effect)
EnergyRegenRateBufffloat% increaseIncrease in rate at which energy regenerates
WalkSpeedBufffloat% increaseIncrease to walking speed
RadarLinkbooleanIf true, sensors always show enemy markers at full visibility when in range
BuildTimeBufffloat% decreaseDecrease in time taken to set up deployables
DeployableRepairRateBufffloat% increaseIncrease in the rate of repairing deployables
StickyHandsbooleanIf true, player is immune to concussive effects that would cause them to drop the flag
EnergyDrainBufffloat% increaseIncrease to energy drain effect of an item
TrapDetectionbooleanIf true, the player can see markers for enemy mines
ThrustPackCostReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in energy cost for the thrust pack
ThrustPackPowerBufffloat% increaseIncrease in the power of the thrust pack
ShieldPackBufffloat% increaseIncrease in effictiveness for the shield pack
JammerPackRadiusBufffloat% increaseIncrease in range for the jammer pack
DeployableHealthBufffloatHealthAdditional health for deployable items
DeployableRangeBufffloat% increaseIncrease in range for deployable sensors and turrets
ExtraDeployablesintegerDeployablesIncrease in the number of deployables allowed out at once
ShocklanceEnergyCostfloatEnergyEnergy cost to use the Shocklance
StealthPackEntryTimeReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in time taken to go invisible, including after damage or jamming
StealthPackPulseIgnoreTimefloatsecondsTime after going in stealth that you won't be uncloaked by damage
BlackoutLengthReductionfloat% decreaseDecrease in the length of the effect of Blackout grenades
ExtraAmmoSpawnBufffloat% increaseIncrease in amount of spawning ammo
MaxSkiSpeedfloatSpeedAbsolute increase in the maximum speed achievable by skiing alone
TerminalSkiSpeedfloatSpeedAbsolute increase in the maximum possible skiing speed
MaxJetSpeedfloatSpeedAbsolute increase in maximum speed achievable by jetting alone
TerminalJetSpeedfloatSpeedAbsolute increase in the maximum possible jetting speed
MaxSkiControlfloat% increaseIncrease in maximum amount of turning control while skiing
PeakSkiControlSpeedfloatSpeedChange in the speed value at which maximum ski control is reached
SkiControlVariancefloatVarianceChange in variance of the normal distribution for ski control around the peak
StoppingDistanceBufffloat% increaseIncrease to stopping distance when skiing is stopped