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Server Settings

Server Settings#



The TeamAssignTypes enum represents the possible approaches to team assignment. It has the values:

  • Balanced - players are restricted to join teams so that each team has a balanced number of players
  • Unbalanced - players are free to join either team irrespective of numbers
  • AutoAssign - players are automatically assigned to teams



ServerSettings.TimeLimitint25Game time limit in minutes
ServerSettings.OvertimeLimitint10Length of overtime in minutes
ServerSettings.WarmupTimeint20Length of warmup time in seconds
ServerSettings.RespawnTimeint5Respawn time in seconds
ServerSettings.SniperRespawnDelayint0Additional respawn time incurred when the player has a sniper rifle
ServerSettings.AmmoPickupLifespanint15Time in seconds that ammo pickups dropped by dead players last
ServerSettings.CTFFlagTimeoutint40Time in seconds before a dropped flag will return to base

Team Options#

ServerSettings.MaxPlayersint32Maximum server player count
ServerSettings.TeamAssignTypeTeamAssignTypeTeamAssignTypes.BalancedHow players should be assigned to teams
ServerSettings.NakedSpawnbooleanfalseWhether players should spawn naked (as lights without their loadout)
ServerSettings.AutoBalanceTeamsbooleantrueWhether to auto-balance teams in-game

Scoring Options#

ServerSettings.CTFCapLimitint5Caps to win in CTF
ServerSettings.TDMKillLimitint100Kills to win in TDM
ServerSettings.ArenaRoundsint3Number of rounds in Arena
ServerSettings.ArenaLivesint25Number of lives per round in Arena
ServerSettings.RabbitScoreLimitint30Score to win in Rabbit
ServerSettings.CaHScoreLimitint50Score to win in Capture and Hold
ServerSettings.CTFBlitzAllFlagsMovebooleanfalseWhether both teams' flags move after a cap in Blitz
ServerSettings.TeamCreditsbooleanfalseWhether player credits form a shared team pool

Friendly Fire#

ServerSettings.FriendlyFirebooleanfalseWhether friendly fire is enabled
ServerSettings.FriendlyFireMultiplierfloat1.0Multiplier for friendly fire damage
ServerSettings.FriendlyFireDamageKickLimitint0Amount of friendly damage done before a player is kicked (0 for no limit)
ServerSettings.FriendlyFireKillKickLimitint0Number of friendly players killed before kick (0 for no limit)
ServerSettings.BaseDestructionKickLimitint0Amount of damage to the friendly base done before kick (0 for no limit)


ServerSettings.VehicleHealthMultiplierfloat1.0Multiplier affecting all vehicles' health
ServerSettings.GravCycleLimitint4Number of Grav Cycles allowed per team
ServerSettings.ShrikeLimitint2Number of Shrikes allowed per team
ServerSettings.BeowulfLimitint2Number of Beowulfs allowed per team
ServerSettings.VehiclesEarnedWithCreditsboolfalseIf true, vehicles are earned via credits (GOTY); if false, they spawn over time (OOTB)
ServerSettings.GravCycleCostint500Credit cost for a Grav Cycle (GOTY)
ServerSettings.ShrikeCostint4000Credit cost for a Shrike (GOTY)
ServerSettings.BeowulfCostint2500Credit cost for a Beowulf (GOTY)
ServerSettings.GravCycleSpawnTimeint30Generation time for Grav Cycles in seconds (OOTB)
ServerSettings.ShrikeSpawnTimeint120Generation time for Shrikes in seconds (OOTB)
ServerSettings.BeowulfSpawnTimeint120Generation time for Beowulfs in seconds (OOTB)
ServerSettings.GravCycleEjectionSeatbooleantrueWhether Grav Cycles eject drivers on death
ServerSettings.BeowulfEjectionSeatbooleanfalseWhether Beowulfs eject pilots on death
ServerSettings.ShrikeEjectionSeatbooleanfalseWhether Shrikes eject pilots on death


ServerSettings.BaseAssetsbooleantrueWhether turrets and sensors are enabled
ServerSettings.BaseUpgradesbooleantrueWhether base upgrades are enabled
ServerSettings.PoweredDeployablesbooleantrueWhether deployables (e.g. turrets) require generator power
ServerSettings.GeneratorRegenbooleanfalseWhether the generator regenerates automatically over time
ServerSettings.GeneratorDestroyablebooleantrueWhether the generator can be destroyed
ServerSettings.BaseAssetFriendlyFirebooleanfalseWhether friendly fire applies to base assets
ServerSettings.DeployableFriendlyFirebooleanfalseWhether friendly fire applies to deployables

Call-In Options#

ServerSettings.EnableInventoryCallInbooleantrueWhether inventory station call-ins are enabled
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInCostint0Credits cost for an inventory call-in
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInBuildUpTimefloat2Seconds it takes to call in an inventory station
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInCooldownTimefloat10Personal cooldown after calling in an inventory station before you can do so again
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInBlocksPlayersbooleantrueIf false, players can pass through inventory stations without being blocked
Call-In Placement Tweaks#

These variables tweak the collision checking used to determine if an inv station can be called at a given location.

ServerSettings.InventoryCallInMapCollisionCheckExtentfloat100The extent (distance) around the point used to check for terrain collisions
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInStationCollisionCheckExtentfloat700The minimum distance in UU away another inv station may be when placing one
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInTerrainMaxAnglefloat70Maximium terrain incline in degrees at which an inv station may be placed
ServerSettings.InventoryCallInMeshMaxAnglefloat40Maximum mesh incline (e.g. a stand/base structure) in degrees at which an inv station may be placed

Gameplay Customisation#

ServerSettings.EnergyMultiplierfloat1.0Multiplier affecting the energy pools of all players
ServerSettings.AoESizeMultiplierfloat1.0Multiplier affecting the size of all Area-of-Effect explosions
ServerSettings.AoEDamageMultiplierfloat1.0Multiplier affecting the damage done by Area-of-Effect explosions
ServerSettings.SkiingEnabledbooleantrueWhether skiing is enabled
ServerSettings.UseGOTYShieldPackbooleanfalseIf true, shield pack effects are reverted to GOTY patch behaviour*
ServerSettings.UseGOTYBXTChargingbooleanfalseIf true, the BXT rifles work as in GOTY with respect to charging and unscoped damage
ServerSettings.InventoryStationsRestoreEnergybooleanfalseIf true, players will have energy restored when entering an inventory station

* With UseGOTYShieldPack on, taking damage which is absorbed by shields will not block regen, and the heavy shield pack will not reduce impulse received when active.

Flag Drag#

ServerSettings.FlagDragLightint0Speed at which flag-drag occurs for lights
ServerSettings.FlagDragMediumint0Speed at which flag-drag occurs for mediums
ServerSettings.FlagDragHeavyint0Speed at which flag-drag occurs for heavies
ServerSettings.FlagDragDecelerationint0Deceleration rate for flag-drag

Map Rotation#

Rotation Mode#

The map rotation is either sequential (default), where each map is played in the order they are added to the rotation, or random, where after each map a new map is selected at random from the rotation (this can be the same map).

This can be controlled via the following variable:


This should have one of the following values:

  • ServerSettings.MapRotation.Modes.Sequential
  • ServerSettings.MapRotation.Modes.Random

Setting the Rotation#

The rotation itself may be controlled via the below functions:

ServerSettings.MapRotation.add(map: Map)

Adds a map to the rotation. The map should be a value from the Maps enum

ServerSettings.MapRotation.addCustom(mapName: string)

Adds a map to the rotation by filename (as located in the game's CookedPC/maps directory). Can be used to run a custom map.

An example of adding maps to the rotation is given below:



The Maps enum gives values (i.e. map codes) for all maps existing in the game, under the following namespaces:

  • Maps.CTF
  • Maps.TDM
  • Maps.Arena
  • Maps.Rabbit
  • Maps.CaH
  • Maps.Blitz

The full listing is omitted here, but the full names of all maps work, as do common contractions and initialisms (e.g. Maps.CTF.Arx or Maps.CTF.DX).