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Console Commands

This page provides a full list of the available console commands in TAMods.

TAMods Configuration and Scripting

/helpShow a list of all commands
/reloadconfig/rcReload the Lua TAMods config
/reloadsounds/rsReload custom sound files
/lua <command>Execute a line of Lua code


/say <message>Send a global chat message
/teamsay <message>Send a team chat message
/playerlist/list, /playersList all players in the game, with their Player IDs
/votekickidStart a votekick by Player ID (avoids issues with untypeable characters)

Server Administration

/sc helpDisplay list of server commands
/sc select <serverid>Select a server
/sc login <serverid> <password>Login to a aserver
/sc server statusShow the server status
/sc server startStart the server (make it available in the server browser)
/sc server stopImmediately end the match and remove the server from the browser
/sc server shutdownRemove the server from the browser, but don't end the current match
/sc player listList all players
/sc player specsList all spectators
/sc player kick <player>Kick the player from the server
/sc player ban <player>Ban the player from the server
/sc map next <mapid>/mapnext, /nextmapSet the next map in the cycle
/sc map start <mapid>/mapSkip to the given map, or skip warm-up time if no ID is provided
/sc map endEnd the current map
/maplist/mapsList all maps with their IDs

User Settings

/setbind <key> <command>Add a key binding
/setsensitivity <value>/sensSet the mouse sensitivity
/gamma <value>Set the display gamma
/shotTake a screenshot
/printstatsPrint the player's stats for the current game

Routes and Capping


/stopwatch/swToggle the stopwatch
/stopwatchstartStart (and reset) the stopwatch
/stopwatchstopStop the stopwatch

State Saving

/statesave <slot>/saveSave the current position to the given slot (default is 1)
/statetp <slot>/tpTeleport to the state in the given slot, restoring health and ammo (default slot is 1)
/staterecall <slot>/recallRecall to the given state slot, restoring the velocity, health etc. at the time of save (default slot is 1)
/statespawns/spawnsSet the saved locations to the player's team's spawns
/stateresetReset all saved states

Route Recording

/routerec/recToggle route recording
/routerecstartStart route recording
/routerecstopEnd route recording
/routereplay/replayBegin route replay
/routereplaystart <starttime>Start route replay at the given point of the route (or the start by default)
/routereplaystopEnd route replay
`/routebot <onoff>`
/routeresetStop recording and reset the current route
/routesave <description>Save the current route with the given description
/routeload <number>Load a route by number
/routefind <searchstring>Find the routes on the current map that match the search string
/routelist/routesList all routes for the current map

Roam Map

The below commands only work in roam map mode.

/toggleturrets/turretsToggle base turrets on and off
/togglepower/powerToggle generator power on and off
/returnflags/flagsReturn loose flags to base